Newmilns Charter 1566 (original)

Translation of the Charter by Sir Matthew Campbell of Loudoun in favour of the Town of Newmilnis.   (From the original Latin) 21st January 1566. To All by whom this Charter may be seen or heard Matthew Campbell of Loudoun Knight Sheriff of Ayr greeting in the Lord for ever. Know ye that I have given granted and by this my present Charter confirmed as I by these presents give grant and by this my present Charter confirm to the Community of my Burgh of Newmilnis, lying in my Barony of Loudoun and within the Sheriffdom of Ayr, and to the Inhabitants and future Inhabitants of the same full power and the free liberty of keeping and selling in said Burgh wine, wax, linen and woollen cloth, broad and narrow and other lawful merchandise whatever, with power, and liberty of having and keeping Bakers, Brewers, Fleshers and Sellers as well of Flesh as of Fish and other craftsmen any ways pertaining and belonging to the liberty of the said Burgh as also I have granted and by the tenor of this my present Charter Grant that in the said Burgh there be Burgesses and that they have power in all time to come of electing Bailies and other Office Bearers necessary for the government of the said Burgh, and of holding counts and applying the issues thereof to common uses with power to the said Bailies of said Burgh to receive resignations of the lands and tenements lying in said Burgh or liberty thereof, and to infeft the Inhabitants of the said lands and tenements after resignation has been made in their hands. But providing that the said Inhabitants of the foresaid Burgh and the lands of the same pay to me and my heirs the free farm duty used and want, together with the double of the said feu farm duty the first year of their entry as also I have granted and by the tenor of this my present Charter Grant to the Burgesses and Inhabitants of the said Burgh that in said Burgh they may have hold and possess for ever a Cross and a Market upon the Sabbath day each week and public fairs each year forever upon the feast or day of Dionisius in Autumn, and for four days immediately following said feast with customs and all other liberties pertaining to fairs of this kind or which may justly pertain thereto in future, together with full power to the said Community Bailies Inhabitants and future Inhabitants of the said Burgh of repledging from my Barony of Loudoun the Inhabitants of said Burgh to the privilege or count of the same as often as they may be arrested at the instance of whomsoever in all time to come. Having and Holding the said Burgh of Newmilnis in all times to come in a free Burgh with the foresaid privileges liberties and concessions and all and singular other liberties advantages easements and just pertinent of the same whatsoever as well not named as named pertaining or which may be justly held to pertain to a free Burgh in future as freely quietly fully entirely honourably well and in peace in all things and by all things as I have held or possest or my predecessors in former times held or possest together with free ish and entry in and to the lands moors and marshes used and want pertaining or which may be justly held to pertain to the Bailies Inhabitants and future Inhabitants of said Burgh in all time to come, and I and my heirs and assignees shall warrant acquit and forever defend the foresaid Burgh of Newmilnis with the privileges and other liberties above written in all things, and by all things in form as well as in effect as aforesaid against all mortals. In testimony whereof my proper seal together with my manual Subscription is appended to these presents at Newmilnis the twenty first day of the month of January in the year of our Lord one thousand five hundred and sixty six before these witnesses John Loidoun in Newmilnis, Thomas Stewart of Galston, Mungo Campbell of Brownside Hugh Nisbet in Hag and George Angus notary Public with sundry others.   (signed) Matthew Campbell of Loudoun Kngt.
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Sir Matthew Campbell of Loudoun
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