Gloves in the Duke pattern, "Sanquhar" at wrist

Example of Sanquhar pattern gloves in black and white wool to illustrate the "Duke" design. This refers to the Dukes of Queensberry and later, Buccleuch, landowners in the parish of Sanquhar and probably the only nobility known directly to its inhabitants. This pattern is the most ostentatious and `showy' of them all. It has variations known as `squares' which may be later inventions and include, Rose, Trellis, Drum and Cornet.   These gloves were worn by the daughter of Jessie Wilson for 60 years.  Both Jessie Wilson and her mother knitted Sanquhar gloves and socks for a living in the years after the the First World War.  In the 1920s they received 2/6 (12 1/2p) for making a pair of gloves with initials or a full name worked at the wrist.  The person placing the order would supply the wool.  When orders were scarce they knitted gloves with `Sanquhar' at the wrist for general sale.
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length 214mm, width 106mm
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Dumfries & Galloway Council
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