Miner's safety lamps

Safety lamps used in the Sanquhar Coalfield in the 1830s.   Sir Humphrey Davy invented the safety lamp in 1815. The flame of the oil lamp was completely surrounded by gauze, distributing heat over its surface and reducing the danger of high temperatures igniting explosive gas.   Presented by James Irving McConnel of Eliock who became the lessee of the Sanquhar coalfield in 1886 at the age of 24. He developed the local collieries extensively which were the largest privately worked coalfield in Scotland. In 1903 his business became a limited company, the Sanquhar and Kirkconnel Collieries Ltd. He retired in 1925 when the company was sold to William Baird and Co Ltd (Bairds and Dalmellington).
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Dimensions :
height 280mm, diameter 79mm
Materials :
metal, brass, gauze
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