King James' pardon to Hugh Montgomery for the slaughter of John Boyd of Kilmarnock.

    English translation from Latin:      James, by the grace of God King of Scots, to all his honest men to whom the present letters shall come, [sends] greeting. Be it known that by our special grace we have remitted to Hugh Lord Montgumry, bearer of the present [letters], the rancour of our mind which we have conceived against him and the law suit and every action which we have or could have against him for the art and part of the premeditated crime done upon John Boyd, dweller in Kilmarnok, and for every single sin, depredation, plunderage, theft, crime and offence and other whatsoever or however committed by the said Hugh up until the day of the composing of the present [letters], excepting treason, treachery, murder, homicide, common theft, arson and the rape of women, provided that he likewise satisfy the plaintiffs and others who have suffered damages so that we hear no other just complaint concerning this. Justly taking the above-mentioned Hugh under our firm peace and protection we strictly forbid anyone from presuming unjustly to inflict any evil, trouble, injury or harm upon him by reason of the aforesaid sins under pain of full forfeiture, or if anyone causes his death under pain of the loss of life and limbs. In witness of which matter we have made patent for him these our letters of remission under our great seal to last for the whole duration of the life of said Hugh. At Edinburgh the fifteenth day of the month of February in the year of our Lord one thousand four hundred eighty six and of our reign the twenty-seventh.       On the tongue - Remission for Hugh Lord Montgumry.    
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