Commission by Mary, Queen of Scots to Robert, Lord Boyd

  Dated at Wingfield, 4th June, 1569.         Marie be the grace of god Quene of Scottis and dowarier of france To all and syndrie quhaid knowledge thair presentis sall cumGretin in god everlasting and affectioun quhilk we beir to our natural realme and of the petie and commiseratioun that we haif to understand that our maist obedient and affectionat subjectis ar*now miserably opprest and mollestit We will (gif it be possible) prefer the rest and tranquillitie of thame and of our hail realme Quhairfore to all uthir thing quhairto we maye condescend with our honour conservatioun of our estait and libertie of our said realme Quhairfor nochtwithstanding the indignations and grievous offences quhairby we haif bene provokit to just anger aganis sum quha ar inobedient subjectis unto us We ar content and desyris to use the waye of meiknes and beni*volence towartis all man And thairfor upoun the certane knowledge that we haif of the fidelitie wisdom and circumspectioun of our Richt trusty and weilbelovit cousigne and counsalour Robart lord boyd hed maid constitute and ordanit and be thir presentis makis constitutes and ordains him Our commissioner Geving granting and committing to him our frie full powar commission authoritie and commandiment generale and speciale to pas in our said realme of Scotland and thair to common and confer for us and in our name with James earle of murraye to heir and understand the conditions that maye be proponit unto him be the said erle of murraye for waye and moyen of appointment and reconcilliatioun betwixt us him and our inobedient subjectis And to reassone confer and daill with him upoun the saidis conditions and moyens of appointment as the matter sall require and as salbe found necessaire be our rycht  trusty counsigne counsalour and commissioner And quhat ever he agrees to in our name We promeis upoun the word of ane prince to hald ferme and stabill Ratifie and approve the same inviolabillie to be observit in all tymes cuming In Witnes of thw uhilk We haif subscryvit thir presentis with our hand and causit affix our signet thairto At wingdfeild the fourt daye of Junii the year of god Im Vc threscoir and nyne yeiris and of our Regnne the XXVII year                                                                                       Marie R.
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