Scottish basket hilted broadsword

Early 17th century basket hilt sword from the Walker collection in Dean Castle arms and armour. Blade is inscribed with 'Me fecit Solingen', meaning it was made in Solingen, Germany, a town famous for its blades. The manufacture of blades were often quite complex. The making of a sword or dagger typically required the work of several makers within a craft guild who often worked in different towns, or even different countries. Such is the case with this dagger, which has a blade of German origin and a Scottish-made hilt. Either this, or the Solingen blade was recycled and refitted with a new hilt. Basket hilt swords provided good level of protection for hands when fighting with an opponent, especially with cutting motions. Swords such as this example were used primarily in a military setting, as opposed to rapiers, which are used more in civilian dress.  
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Blade: 800mm
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East Ayrshire Council
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