Prestonmill, Kirkbean

  'Boretree Inn, Preston Mill. Box bed and dresser, 1961.   Boxbed in 3ft thick wall of house-formerly an inn-of conventional and familiar style used by occupant's mother until her death in 1945. The small size is usual.   Both, boxbed and attractive dresser in adjacent room, have been removed to make space in the house, formerly the Boretree Inn.'   Dr Kissling's note, 1978   The man in these photographs is Nelson Craik, and the house is Prestonmill which was the home of the Craik family. The family ran Prestonmill smiddy (smithy) in the building opposite the house until Nelson Craik retired around 1960.   The house was formerly the Boar Tree inn, and a ring for tying up horses can just be seen in the top photograph.   The box bed was used by Nelson Craik's father (Nelson Craik), and was in the living room of the house. The willow-patterned plates on the dresser were only used on special occasions, and the biggest plate on the top shelf was known in the family as the 'turkey plate.' The budgie was called Joey.   Research note, 2019
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Dr Werner Kissling
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PP/KISSLING COLLECTION, Retrospective 1978/63-65
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Dumfries & Galloway Council
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