Leica III (Model F)

The Leica III was produced between 1933 and 1939 and was a rangefinder camera which was designed by Oskar Barnack, widely regarded as the father of 35mm photography.   It is a Leica III similar to this one which Dr Kissling took with him to Eriskay in 1934 on his first visit to document life on the island. While Dr Kissling's camera was sold by the photographer towards the end of his life (and is now in a private collection), we know from sources and notes that the model he used was a Leica III, and was either in black or had a chrome body.   The Leica illustrated here was produced in 1935 and is equipped with a removable F2 Summar lens dating from 1934. 
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This camera is held in a private collection.
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From the private collection of Alex Boyd.
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