Burns at the House of Francis Grose

Captain Francis Grose was an antiquarian whom Robert Burns met in 1789. The two, sharing a similar outlook on life and wealth, became friends. Burns wrote "Epigram on Francis Grose" poking fun at his friend's large size.   At the time of their meeting, Grose was writing a book on antiquities in Scotland and Burns pursuaded him to include Kirk Alloway. It is said that Grose agreed on the condition that Burns write a ghost story to go with it and thus came about the masterpiece Tam O' Shanter.   Robert Scott Lauder paints an imaginary scene of Burns visiting Captain Grose. He depicts them surrounded by the antiques in which they shared an interest, including several pieces of armour.
Object no :
Creator :
Robert Scott Lauder (1803 - 1869)
Place of Production :
Dimensions :
865 x 1120mm
Materials :
Oil on canvas
Location :
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Copyright :
East Ayrshire Council
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