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Dean Castle Arms and Armour




The tegha is a wide-bladed, single-edged sword that has the characteristic hilt found among Indian talwar (swords). Teghas were originally produced for cutting through cloth armour, and later became to be associated with executions. The disc-shaped pommel would have been uncomfortable when handled in the conventional manner, as it would press into the back of the wrist. However, when handled in its correct way, the grip woul have been particularly secure and much force could be exerted while in use. This tegha features repouss√© brass decoration with human and animal figures. Scabbard can be seen here.

Dean Castle
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East Ayrshire Council
Pant, G. N. (1989) Catalogue of Edged Arms and Armour in the Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad. Hyderabad: Sularjung Museum

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