The Historic Environment Record

Dumfries and Galloway contains a wealth of archaeological sites, showing human activity for the past 10,000 years. Details of around 22,000 sites of archaeological and historical interest are recorded in the Dumfries and Galloway Historic Environment Record (HER), which is maintained by the Council. Some of these are well known as visitor attractions, such as Dundrennan Abbey or Carsluith Castle, but other lesser known features, such as the remains of 18th century farms and prehistoric settlements, enrich the countryside. Many of the region's towns, such as Whithorn, Dumfries, Sanquhar and Annan, also have medieval or earlier origins, reflected in the street plan and property boundaries of the historic town centres. Despite the rural character of the region, there are also well-preserved industrial buildings, such as mines and mills, as well as more recent features like Second World War munitions works and airfields. A quick guide to archaeological and historical sites in the region will soon be available through a map viewer [due August 2012]. The record is available to view by appointment, and requests for data extracts can also be made to the Historic Environment Record Officer. The HER also contains copies of aerial photographs taken of the region by the RAF between 1948 and 1960, slides, and other archive material relating to the recorded sites. Historic maps are available for viewing at the Ewart Library, just around the corner from the HER. Data requests for commercial purposes are charged for on a 'time-taken' basis. The current charge rate is £30 plus VAT per hour, with a minimum charge of £60 (+VAT).  Contact Details Archaeology Service Environmental Planning Newall Terrace Dumfries DG1 1LW Tel: 01387 260154  Email: Visit the HER Website here        
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