‘Mortuary’ Sword

The ‘mortuary hilt’, was so called because it was thought that the head decoration they carried commemorated the martyred Charles I. These swords were widely used and would have been carried by Covenanters as well as both sides during the civil wars. A wolf mark on the blade of this one represents the town of Solingen where it was probably made. It also carries an inscription representing Andrea dei Ferari, a sword-smith of Belluno, near Venice, whose signature was widely copied at Solingen.
Object no :
EAAM062a; EAAM062b; EAAM062c
Collection :
Creator :
Bears the signature of Andrea dei Ferari but is not his work
Place of Production :
Britain (hilt), Solingen, Germany (blade)
Dimensions :
Materials :
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Copyright :
East Ayrshire Council
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