Metalworking mould, Whithorn

This is one of a number of stone moulds found in the early (seventh-eighth century) levels at Whithorn.  It was used for casting metal ingots - probably gold, silver and lead - which were then used in specialist and precious metal workshops.  A contemporary gold ingot is shown against one of the mould depressions.   Rectangular stone block with two rectilinear bar moulds for ingot casting carved into one face.   {{This one is probably better than our other version of it}}
Object no :
Creator :
Place of Production :
probably Whithorn, Wigtownshire
Dimensions :
length 145mm, width 85mm, height 50mm
Materials :
fine grained sandstone
Location :
Related site :
Accession number :
WIWMS Whit SE45.5
Copyright :
Dumfries & Galloway Council
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