Thomas Carlyle in 1875, sketched from life by H M Trevor

Although Carlyle was living in Chelsea when this drawing was made, he was still a frequent visitor to Dumfries.  The town was also the boyhood home of J M Barrie who later recalled "When I was at school in Dumfries I often saw Carlyle in cloak, sombrero and staff, mooning along our country roads, a tortured mind painfully alone even to the eyes of a boy."   This watercolour portrait shows Carlyle as an old man with his walking stick.  Detail signed - Entr at Stationers Hall / HMT [entwined monogram] Chelsea 187.  Detail label - Thomas Carlyle in 1875 /sketched from life by / H M TREVOR artiste peintre / Price 25 [00] ff.
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Creator :
H M Trevor
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Dimensions :
height 282mm, width 163mm
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Copyright :
Dumfries & Galloway Council
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