Hand Written Note from Keir Hardie to Emrys Hughes

The card on which this note is written is embossed with the House of Commons stamp.   The note is from Keir Hardie to his son in law and concerns national feeling about the first world war. Keir Hardie was a pacifist and was involved in anti-war demonstrations.   Transcript: 20.11.14   Dear Emrys,   Going about the Country I have the same experiences, viz, that a same spirit is beginning to obtain there is certainly more doubt about the wisdom of our having gone into the war than there was at the end of the first month. The press is largely to blame for the unreserved way in which is boomed the coming very early triumph of the Russian Army, and its great failure, even to hold its own. Regards to Professor Parsons. I have the most pleasant memories of the evening spent at his house. Faithfully, J.K.H. 
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