Waterloo Street, Kilmarnock (1)

Andrew Law completed several paintings of Waterloo Street. This is one of two very similar versions held by the Dick Institute's fine art collection.   There is a story that claims that the Town Council had intended to buy one of the paintings but that they were unimpressed that Law had included the public toilets in the view. At their request Law completed another version of the same view but without the toilets.   In the middle distance of this version one can see the wall of the bridge curving round to meet a pink building on the left. In the other similar version held at the Dick Institute there is a black rectangluar hut  obscuring the view of the curve in the wall and the pink building. This may be the offending public toilets which would suggest that that is the earlier of the two versions. (To view this version see Related Items.)   In a label attached to the back of the earlier painting Law states that he painted it at the suggestion of a Geroge Dunlop from the Kilmarnock Standard who bought the painting once it was completed.
Object no :
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Creator :
Andrew Law (1873 - 1967)
Place of Production :
Dimensions :
515 x 620mm
Materials :
oil on canvas
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The Artist
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