After bicycles were introduced in the 19th century, cycling quickly became an activity for sport, recreation, and transport. The initial bicycle heyday began in the 1890s in part due to newly improved road conditions, and lasted until around the 1920s with the drop in the 'bicycle craze' attributed to the rise in car ownership.     The sport of cycling consists of professional and amateur races, which are held mostly in continental Europe, the United States, and Asia. The first documented cycling race was held in Paris 1868 that was won by Englishman James Moore, who completed a 1200 m race between the entrance of Saint-Cloud Park and the fountains therein. Nowadays, the Tour de France, Vuelta a Espana, and Giro d'Italia are popular and prestigious multiple stage bicycle races that draw much media and public attention.     The recreational use of the bicycle is widespread in the US and Europe, particularly in countries such as the Netherlands and Denmark. Cycling for recreation came soon after racing, with many cyclists using their bike to travel and see more scenery. Today, there has been resurgence in recreational cycling. People ride bikes for a variety of reasons including fitness, to lower their carbon footprint, convenience, frugality, and enjoyment.  
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