Ramshorn Hutch Coupling and Snibble

Transporting coal from the working coal face to the bottom of the pit shaft was first carried out by women who carried baskets slung on their backs. As mines became more extensive, sledges and small wagons called ‘hutches’ were used. These were made more efficient by building railways.   The ‘ram’s horn coupling’ allowed a train of hutches to be linked together. The ‘snibble’ acts as a break on a hutch which runs on rails. Some mines were dug on a gradient and it was essential to be able to ensure that hutches would not run out of control.   At first the hutches were pushed by girls and boys, later they were pulled by ponies. The latest mines had diesel engines hauling coal for miles on underground railroads.
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length of snibble 460mm
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East Ayrshire Council
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