Advertisement for the Arrol-Johnston "Coupè"

"The New Coupè   This latest addition to the Arrol-Johnston range is the result of the widely expressed demand for a coupè with a really generous interior and dickey accommodation. There is ample room for three inside and two behind. Its folding head is easily lowered and makes the car as jolly and stylish when open as it is closed; and the interior is as luxurious as that of a Saloon. Fitted with the famous 15/40 h.p. Arrol-Johnston Silent Overhead Valve Engine and special front wheel brakes.   Equipment includes: petrol gauge; dash lamp; electric roof lamp; automatic screen wiper; electric horn, etc., and Dunlop Low-Pressure Tyres. All prices for delivery at works. £430"
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The Motor News, Vol. XXVIII - No 4
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Dumfries & Galloway Council
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