Siller gun, remodelled by David Gray

Maker’s mark: “DG”   This is inscribed “Presented by King James VI of Scotland to the Seven Incorporated Trades of Dumfries, MDXCVIII” (1598).    Although James VI of Scotland and I of England passed through Dumfries in 1598 he was engaged in subduing the neighbourhood and unlikely to be offering gifts.  He visited again in 1617 when he was the chief guest at a banquet given by the Incorporated Trades, and it is more likely that this was when the trophy was presented.  The style of engraving of the inscription indicates that it was done at a much later date.   The gun was awarded to the winner of an annual shooting competition organised by the Incorporated Trades.  At a time when tradesmen had to be prepared to defend the town, the King’s intention was to encourage their shooting skill.   It is beleived that the gun originally took the form of a miniature cannon mounted on a wheeled carriage.  It was remodelled to resemble a flintlock musket by David Gray after it was broken in 1808.  The individual responsible for the damage was fined £3. 6s. 8d. (£3.34p) for his act, and banished from associating with his trade for twenty-one years.
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David Gray
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length 259mm
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