Suitable for Ages ...

Gemma Coyle's piece Suitable for Ages ... draws on the style of a fairground game. It is concerned with ideas about luck and conflict and how the latter can hamper attempts to control our own lives. The undertones of conflict and the determined poses of the marching baby figures give the piece a slightly sinister edge.   Coyle offers the following statement with the piece: "Lady Luck is in control of most things in life which comes into play immediately. Where you are born in the world, what your family is like, if you have a happy or sad life, all this is down to luck. Battles whether literally or metaphorically will occur throughout your life, whether it be with other people or within yourself. Suitable for Ages… gives you the chance to control your luck. Landing on a bird step provides opportunity to shoot down a magpie striving to leave just two in the tree (two for joy). A happy ending is awaiting the teams that work together. Conflict is inevitable and differences more often than most get in the way."  
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Gemma Coyle (born 1981)
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mixed media
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The Artist
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