Alexander Morton

Entrepreneur Alexander Morton was responsible for starting the Scottish Machine Lace Industry in the late 19th century.  Recognising that the powered lace-looms used in Nottingham could soon overtake the Madras trade of the Irvine Valley, he instigated the purchase of one of these machines for the area's Weavers in 1877. At the height of it's success in the 1880s, the lace industry employed around 1000 people in Darvel alone.   A monument to Morton was erected near his home between Newmilns and Darvel in Ayrshire.  It used to house a bust of Morton created by Scottish Sculptor Pilkington Jackson but this was stolen several years ago.   Sandy Stoddart was commissioned to produce a replacement.  This is the original plaster model produced by Stoddart which he used as the basis for the final casting in bronze
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Alexander Stoddart
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painted plaster
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East Ayrshire Council
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