Symbol keys

Sites marked with this symbol may be difficult to find, mainly due to concealing vegetation such as grass or trees. A GPS may be useful but limited in urban areas where signal reception may be reduced.
Used for sites where the stones can be easily seen from the roadside or inside a vehicle. The site may not be immediately apparent but can be seen with the naked eye. Binoculars often useful.
This symbol denotes a location situated in water. The stone may not be visible or accessible depending tide or river conditions. Caution advised when visiting these sites. Check tide tables beforehand.
Parking readily available on or near the location and generally within 1 mile. Sites that do not have this symbol will have limited or restricted parking facilities at or near the location.
Sites in care of national body such as Heritage Scotland. There may also be an information plaque in position close to the stone. Sites with this symbol do not have any access restrictions or entry fees.
The information symbol indicates that additional information may be found at the location. This will usually be in the form of a metal plaque or notice board located close by.
Many of the sites in Ancient Stones are located in some quite difficult terrain. This symbol indicates that the route to the stone involves some steep gradients.
Used to denote a site that offers a good viewpoint of the surrounding area. May also indicate that the site is exposed and that proper outdoor clothing may be required depending on weather conditions.
This symbol denotes a site where a long or difficult walk is required to reach the location. Good stout footwear is recommended and terrain may be rough, wet or strenuous. Distances usually more than 1 mile.
This symbol denotes a site where wheelchair users are able to get close to the stone or at least view the stone from nearby. Terrain is generally suitable of unaided access on smooth tarmac surfaces.
This site is located some distance away from the nearest parking and the use of a mountain bike is suggested. Locations marked with this symbol will generally have access along un-surfaced roads.
This symbol denotes a site that that can be generally accessed without difficulty. Conditions underfoot will be easy and across level or undulating terrain. Strong footwear not usually required.
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