Excavations at Barhobble have led to the rediscovery of a lost Dark Age chapel. The restored remains can be seen of a stone church which was constructed around AD1125 and continued in use until the 12th century when Mochrum parish church was built. It was then converted to a chapel and used until around 1300.   During excavation traces of a small Dark Age chapel were found beneath the stone church. It had been built in timber around AD 1050 and was surrounded by a large cemetery. A number of stone grave markers were decorated with pagan Scandinavian symbols. Barhobble's Dark Age chapel may have served a community of Celto-Norse farmers who shared a variety of religious beliefs,   The remains, which have been left open for visitors to see, comprise a church used prior to the construction of a church building at Mochrum. The Dark Age cemetery, which surrounded the earlier church here, included evidence of pagan symbols and practices, which may have continued alongside Christian practices.


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