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We can support your learning and teaching across the curriculum through our amazing collections, activities and resources. Our collections span centuries of human life from the ancient Egyptians to the Victorians to the events that impact our lives today.

We hold valuable information (archives, documents, archaeology, objects, art) on the history of our area such as the invasion of the Romans at the Battle of Loudoun Hill, to the histories of the powerful families from the South-West that shaped and influenced medieval Scotland, to celebrating our pioneers in the field of natural sciences, invention, medicine, politics, and the arts.

Please contact each museum directly to find out more about school visits.

We wil be adding futher educational resources to this site so keep visiting! We hope that the range of collections and history featured on the website will be a valuable resource to complement classroom learning. Don't forget to have a look at the Lets Explore section and have a look at our interactive experiences. 

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