Naval hat band, HMS Warspite

This hat band belonged to Leading Wireman John Harry Kingdon, a local man who served on HMS Warspite during World War II.   HMS Warspite first saw action in the Battle of Narvik, Norway, 13 April 1940, and was then involved in protecting the Malta convoys in the Mediterranean.  She took part in the bombardment of Tobruk, Bardia, Fort Caputso and Sidi-Barani during the North Africa Campaign, and the Battle of Calabria, Matapan, and Crete.  She was hit at the Battle of Crete, 22 May 1941, and 70 lives were lost.   Harry Kingdon was wounded during the battle of Crete, and hospitalised in Alexandria.  He was Mentioned in Despatches and recommended for promotion in April 1942.
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length 815mm, width 30mm
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Dumfries & Galloway Council
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