ARP Warden's Badge

In 1935, local authorities were encouraged to organise Air Raid Precautions and by 1937, an Air Raid Warden Service was created. By late 1939 there were more than 1.5 million men and women deployed across Britain as ARP Wardens. During the Second World War, these wardens not only attended incidents such as bombings in support of the police and fire services but ensured that the blackout regulations were obeyed. If any light was seen shining from houses or factories it could give the Luftwaffe a target upon which to drop their bombs. Cars too were only allowed one dim headlight. Another one of their tasks was to ensure that everyone was carrying their gas mask. If anyone had lost their mask the ARP warden would make them pay for another. Trained to detect gas, ARP wardens carried rattles to let people know when to put on their masks.
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