Jessy Lewars (Mrs Thomson)

Jessy Lewars was a friend and neighbour of Robert Burns and Jean Armour. She assisted Jean in nursing Burns in his final illness.   Jessy was musical and Burns wrote songs to the music she played. Burns penned Inscription to Jessy Lewars just a month before his death: Thine be the volumes, Jessy fair, And with them take the Poet's prayer, That fate may, in her fairest page, With ev'ry kindliest, best presage Of future bliss, enrol thy name: With native worth and spotless fame, And wakeful caution, still aware Of ill - but chief, Man's felon snare; All blameless joys on earth we find, And all the treasures of the mind - These be thy guardian and reward; So prays thy faithful friend, the Bard.   Part of the James McKie Collection.
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