Cravat pin which belonged to Robert Burns, front

This stylish cravat pin is made from a polished agate pebble which Robert Burns discovered at Braemar during his short tour of the Highlands in 1787.  On his return to Edinburgh he had it set into this cravat pin by a goldsmith.   Burns spent time in Edinburgh in 1787 following the success of the first edition of his work, published in Kilmarnock.  He was acclaimed as a poet and was welcomed in Edinburgh Society.  The 3,000 copies of his first Edinburgh edition sold rapidly.  This valuable memento of the poet was given to Mrs William Smith in 1825 by his widow, Jean Armour Burns.  By that time relics of Burns were treasured and preserved.
Object no :
BCBN071a; BCBN071b
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Creator :
Place of Production :
Dimensions :
height 26mm, width 31mm
Materials :
stone, agate, metal, gold
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