Frances Anna Dunlop

Frances Anna Dunlop of Dunlop whose family claimed to be descended from none other than Sir William Wallace shared a long and friendly association with the poet.

Mrs Frances Anna Dunlop, in some distress after the death of her husband, was given a copy of 'The Cotter's Saturday Night' and was so moved by it she ordered six copies of the Kilmarnock Edition.  A long friendship followed.  Anna Dunlop fussed over the poet with a kindly concern.  Even though they fell out badly over the French Revolution, they were reconciled as Burns lay dying.

"I have only been able to send you five copies: they are all I can command. - I am thinking to go to Edinburgh in a week or two at farthest, to throw off a second impression of my book: but on my return I shall certainly do myself the honour to wait on you, and thank you in person for the obliging notice you have been pleased to take….."

(Mossgiel, 15th November 1786.)

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