William Muir

William Muir (1828-1910) was an amateur artist, local to Girvan. His work, often maritime in theme, offers a unique insight into the landscape and life in Carrick.

William Muir (1828-1910) 

William McGregor McDonald Muir lived at 3 Dalrymple Street in Girvan during the second half of the 19th century. William was a Master Baker to trade and his creative body of work contains mainly local topographical studies of the Girvan area. 

His subject matter was mostly of Girvan harbour, its fishing boats and shoreline, particularly Girvan townscape set against the backdrop of the Carrick Hills. In later life, William Muir and his wife left Girvan in 1903 to join his eldest son in Wynard, Tasmania, where he lived until his death in 1910. 

In 1915, the benefactor, Thomas Davidson, made a gift of 25 paintings by William Muir to Girvan Town Council. These were hung in the McMaster Hall until the fire of 1939, after which they were shown around the town in the Davidson Hospital and other council owned properties. The works are now part of  South Ayrshire Fine Art Collection.

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