William Ewart Lockhart

William Ewart Lockhart (1846-1900) was the illegitimate child of Ann Lockhart and Thomas Ewart, born in Eaglesfield and was raised by his grandparents. They eventually moved into Annan and sent William to Annan Parish school. In 1860 he attended the RSA's Trustees Academy and although suffered from ill health all his life he was a prolific painter.

He exhibited every year at the RSA annual exhibitions fro 1861 until his death with the excpetion of 1864, when he went to Australia for his health and 1889-90 when he was painting 'The Jubilee Celebration in Westminster Abbey, June 21, 1887' by the Royal family and now in the Royal Collection.  Lockhart painted portraits, landscapes and genre pictures with a skill that equalled many of the great Victorian artists.

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