David Scott, 3rd March 1869

This touching sketch of the artist's elder brother shows him on his death bed.   In the days before he passed away, William sat by David's bed day and night. He recalls this time in his autobiography;   "These days and nights were wild and windy. I sat by a fire at the foot of his bed, at first reading to him, but afterwards to myself, as he cared not to listen. Now and then I turned round to be sure that he was rightly covered, and never did so without meeting his eyes wide open, steadily fixed uon me. Only once he was asleep, when I made a little pencil sketch of him."   David died two days after the sketch was done at the age of 43.   David Scott was himself an artist.   Acquired with Assistance from the National Fund for Acquisitions administered with Government Funds by the National Museums of Scotland.
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William Bell Scott (1811 - 1890)
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121 x 154mm
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