Etchings of Ayrshire Castles: Castles of Carrick

Robert Bryden had a real love for Ayrshire and its history. He drew many local sites of historical significance and published several volumes on monuments and castles in the area. In this volume he presents 20 of the 28 castles in Carrick. He writes in his prefartory note "In the hope that this work may direct the kindly attention of Scotsmen in this twentieth century to these interesting historical and picturesque remains, it is sent forth with all becoming respect by their obedient servent Robert Bryden". Each etching is presented on its own page and is preceded by a page of information, written by Bryden, about the monument and its significance.
Object no :
SABK004a, c, d, e, f, g
Collection :
Creator :
Robert Bryden (1865-1939)
Place of Production :
Dimensions :
408 x 297mm
Materials :
Location :
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Accession number :
Copyright :
South Ayrshire Council
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