In the year 2000 Howson received treatment to recover from alcohol and drug addiction. This recovery prompted both religious enlightenment and an embrace of the recovery system of Alcoholics Anonymous (The Twelve Steps). In 2001 the artist agreed to hold a large show of new work to reflect 'his rebirth as an artist and as a person'. This main work was hung alongside works inspired by the Twelve Steps, early work prior to recovery and new work inspired by the artist's new-found appreciation of Christianity. The work 'Judas' shows a male figure, which appears in a number of works from the Third Step series. The figure is highlighted by the light, still loved by God, despite his betrayal of Jesus. The Crucifixion scene is visible in the background with ‘thugs’ (reminiscent of the artist's early work) jeering and throwing things at Christ. The pipe at the back spews out sewer water symbolising the flowing out of sins that Jesus was to die to forgive.
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Creator :
Peter Howson (b.1958)
Place of Production :
Dimensions :
198 cm h 276cm w
Materials :
oil on canvas
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The Artist
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