Haaf-net Fishers near the Solway

On shores of the Solway and the estuaries of the rivers that flow into it fish come and go with the tides, especially salmon and flounders. The portable haaf nets used to catch these fish are distinctive to the area and may date back a thousand years to the Vikings. As the tide runs over the mudflats haaf netters stand chest deep in the channel of the river, forming a human chain. This technique requires strength and skill, but above all, local knowledge of the tides and channels. The village of Glencaple can be seen in the background. The ship building industry of Glencaple and nearby Kelton declined in the mid 19th century, and haaf netting became the main occupation for many of the men living there, continuing as such well into the 20th century.
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William Ferguson (Jnr)
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Dimensions :
L 800mm, W1205mm
Materials :
oil on canvas
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Dumfries & Galloway Council
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