Auchinleck House

Perhaps influenced by the building of Dumfries House, neighbouring landowner Alexander Boswell, created Lord Auchinleck in 1754, decided that he too would have a mansion in the Classical style as befitted his new status. Though similar in broad outlines to Dumfries House there is no proof that the Adam brothers made any contribution to Auchinleck House, which was completed by 1760. The pediment carries a motto from Horace: QUOD PETIS, HIC EST, EST ULUBRIS, ANIMUS SI TE NON DEFICIT AEQUUS - Whatever you seek is here, even at Ulubrae [i.e. Auchinleck] if contentment do not fail thee.

The most famous visitor to Auchinleck was  Dr Samuel Johnson, who came in 1773. To the disappointment of  James Boswell, his hero and mentor clashed with Lord Auchinleck and they had a heated discussion - the Anglican Tory and the Presbyterian Whig agreeing on nothing. 

After many years of decay and neglect Auchinleck House was acquired and renovated by the Landmark Trust and is now used as holiday apartments. 

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