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A number of  collection based exhibitions have been developed as part of the Future Museum project, each complimenting one of the main themes of the site. Digital interactives have been commissioned in association with these exhibitions and are available here on the Future Museum website. 

Select either the images below or the titles to the left to view the interactives and other resources.

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New Cumnock Interactive Timeline and Discovery Quiz

Explore the history and heritage of the East Ayrshire town of New Cumnock through this Interactive Timeline and Discovery Quiz. You'll also be able to follow Auld Kirk Kirkyard Trails looking at the themes of discovery, soldiers, and ministers - just click on the icons and enjoy!

New Cumnock Interactive Timeline and Discovery Quiz

The Eglinton Tournament Watercolours

This Gothic Revival culminated in 1839 with the staging of a full-blown medieval tournament which directed the gaze of the world towards the estate of the 13th Earl of Eglinton in Ayrshire. The event was captured in all its pomp and glory by the artist James Henry Nixon. Explore his work and learn more of the event and its background through this interactive.

Eglinton _small

The Life of James Keir Hardie

Explore the life of James Keir Hardie, from his first job in a coal mine to his time as the first leader of the Labour Party. This interactive was developed in conjunction with a redevelopment of the Baird Institute in Cumnock, Hardie's home town.

Keir _small

Ayrshire Innovators

Test your knowledge of Ayrshire's Innovators. This interactive has been developed in conjunction with the exhibition AYRSHIRE INNOVATORS organised by East Ayrshire Council Arts and Museums and held at the Dick Institute, Kilmarnock from 30 May -12 September 2009.

Ayr _small

Creative Burns

Explore 5 of Burns key poems in connection with the exhibition CREATIVE BURNS organised by East Ayrshire Arts & Museums and held at the Dick Institute, Kilmarnock from 14 February 2009 until 16 May 2009.

Creativeburns _sm

South by South West Timeline

South by South West was a large scale exhibition exploring the fine art collections of south-west Scotland and artistic activity associated with the region over 250 years. The South by South West Timeline gives you the opportunity to view many of the works that appeared in the exhibition and to find their place within the story of art in the region.

Interactive _ss _thumb


Strands, an exhibition exploring the region's rich history of textile production, was organised in the second year of the Future Museum project and is on tour until March 2009.

Interactive _fabric _thumb

Mining and Quarrying

The first exhibition explored the region's mining and quarrying heritage. Explore the natural resources mined in the different regions of south-west Scotland using the interactive map. View documentary photographer Iain Brown's collection of photographs exploring the legacy of this heritage.

Interactive _el _dorado _map _thumb

El Dorado Interactive Map

Interactive _el _dorado _thumb

El Dorado - The Legacy