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The Iron Age


Lochmaben Ard

Iron Age

Former curator of Dumfries Museum A E Truckell with the Lochmaben Ard beam, an Iron Age plough found in the 1870's while draining in Whitereed Moss, Elschieshiels, near Lochmaben - a "Dostrup Spade-ard", the only Iron Age plough - dating to about 100 AD - so far found in Great Britain.

An ard beam 2.47mlong, found in Whitereed Moss, Lochmaben in 1870 is in Dumfries Museum. The rear part has a mortise at the lower end through which would have gone a wooden share and fore share, and a plough head and stilt. A radio-carbon date of 80 bc +- 100 has been obtained from it. 


This object is currently on display in Dumfries Museum.

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Lochmaben Ard