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Artist Rooms - Viola Predellas

We are offering 3 schools the opportunity to work with an artist over 6 weeks exploring the themes in Bill Viola’s work. The groups will use one of three arts disciplines to produce their own interpretations. During the first session the group will visit the exhibition and meet Arts Development team. The following four weeks would be based in school once per week for three hours at a suitable time. The project will end with a sharing event at the Dick on Friday 4th November.

a) Mime and Chorus Work
Participants will use the medium of drama to explore the works of Bill Viola. Through mime, gesture and chorus work the groups will draw ideas from the themes of birth, death and regeneration and will bring them together to create a powerful piece of theatre. Moments throughout this piece of theatre will be captured by a photographer. We welcome applications from Excel groups within Secondary Schools for this series of workshops.

b) Sound Composition
This session will involve the group responding to the works in the exhibition and creating a sound composition. The group will use the themes and emotions that the exhibition stimulates within them to devise a sound piece using their voices and percussion instruments. This work will be recorded. All Secondary schools are able to apply for this series.

c) Chirology and Movement
Based on one of Viola’s works, ‘Fours Hands’, this group will use various elements of movement to create an expressive piece. Exploring themes based on human emotions the group will work with a dance artist to create a movement piece that will concentrate on meaningful hand gestures, with particular attention on ritual and symbolic gestures, and will explore rhythm, posture and expression. The finished piece will be captured by a photographer. We will work with a group of young adults with additional support needs.

All places for these activities are free. To register your interest for a school group and to book places please contact Kate Davies, Visual Arts and Media Officer on 01563 554340 or by email

(Four Hands, (detail) 2001
Black-and-white video polyptych on four LCD flat panels mounted on shelf
Performers: Blake Viola, Kira Perov, Bill Viola, Lois Stark
Photo: Kira Perov)