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Artist Rooms - Catherine's Room

Up to 15 participants will work with an artist who specialises in movement and visual art during an after-school session every Thursday between 4 – 6pm. Using the themes and imagery taken from Viola’s work, Catherine’s Room, and mediaeval collections at Dean Castle the participants will develop a thought-provoking and meaningful performance which will be captured on film. The participants will contribute to the direction of the scenes and work together to achieve an innovative piece of moving image. This is a fantastic opportunity for a young person completely new to movement/drama and art or equally those who have previous experience and are interested in developing their ideas.

The work will be performed and recorded for a small audience at a sharing event of all educational activity on Friday 4th November.

All places for these activities are free. To register your interest for an individual participant and to book places please contact Kate Davies, Visual Arts and Media Officer on 01563 554340 or by email

(picture credit -BILL VIOLA
Catherine’s Room, (detail) 2001
Color video polyptych on five LCD flat panels mounted on wall
Performer: Weba Garretson
Photo: Kira Perov)