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For the last two months Stranraer Museum has been running an exhibition called ‘A History of Wigtownshire in 100 Objects’. This is a selection of unique items covering some 8,000 years of human history. Objects on display include prehistoric flint tools, Roman coins, Victorian textiles and a modern election poster.

Visitors to the exhibition have been asked to choose the one object which best represents the history and spirit of Wigtownshire. The overall winner, with almost 30% of the votes, is a Victorian model of the sailing boat ‘Loch Urr’. It was built by her captain in the 1880s and is still in superb condition. ‘Loch Urr’ is typical of the general purpose vessels which sailed from Wigtown, Garlieston and Port William during the nineteenth century. These ships carried coal, manure, limestone and livestock to and from Ireland, northern England and the Isle of Man.

Second choice is the Dunskey boar. This is the skull of Wigtownshire’s last wild boar which was killed near Portpatrick in the early 1700s. The skull has been a favourite with younger visitors who rated it ‘scary’, ‘creepy’ and ‘cool’.

The runner-up is a stuffed specimen of a chough, a member of the crow family. Choughs have a distinctive red beak and legs and were once a common sight around Wigtownshire’s coasts. They have not bred in this area since the 1930s. This particular example was probably prepared during the Victorian period and is now starting to show its age.

The exhibition runs until 12 November so there is still time to drop by and view Wigtownshire’s favourite objects. Admission is free.