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Taking Time: Craft and the Slow Revolution - until 28th January

Slowness is also associated with craft skills: skills which are acquired over time, cannot be rushed and are intuitively learned. Many makers today are developing critical positions in response to our consumer behaviour; questioning modes of production through new processes, looking at issues of stewardship and sustainability, as well as collectively making and reworking everyday objects.

Curator Helen Carnac invites visitors to; “think about the notions of time, layers of time, and maybe allow yourself to be taken into the work. Forget the hours and minutes. Be absorbed and think through what this all really means.” Nineteen international contemporary makers and artists reflect on a slow revolution considering ideas of time and process, material and value, site and locality, relationships to community and the changing nature of production and consumption.

The artists are: Judith van de Boom and Gunter Wehmeyer, Gary Breeze, Neil Brownsword, Sonya Clark, Rebecca Earley; Ken Eastman and Dawn Youll, David Gates, Matthew Harris, Amy Houghton, Sue Lawty, Esther Knobel, Heidrun Schimmel, Paul Scott and Ann Linnemann, Elizabeth Turrell, Shane Waltener and Cheryl McChesney Jones.