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Building Scotland

Saturday 28 August to Saturday 9 October 2010


Scotland’s traditionally built environment is one of the nation’s most unique and cherished features. It gives her inhabitants a sense of place and identity and draws visitors from around the world.


This exhibition celebrates the varied raw materials that have been employed in forming the nation’s traditional buildings.  Many, such as stone and timber, have been used since the earliest days of human habitation in Scotland. Others, such as pantiles and iron, came into general use in more recent times.


For the majority of traditionally constructed buildings it is the use of these materials in combination with one another that has produced such beautiful and diverse results - stone, lime and pantiles come together to form distinctive buildings in east coast towns and villages - timber, clay, stone and thatch are combined to form the blackhouses so distinctive of the Western Isles.


The exhibition reveals the regional variations and explores the human story behind the materials and how they have shaped Scotland’s traditionally built environment.  The exhibition includes actual examples of each material as well as a selection of the traditional tools that would be used to work and build with them.


The exhibition was produced by the Conservation Group of Historic Scotland and will journey to different locations around Scotland over the next two years.  It comes to Dumfries

Museum to celebrate Scottish Archaeology Month.