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The Sword

British Cavalry Sabre

18th Century

Famous as the sword most associated with the Battle of Waterloo, the most obvious features of the sabre as a sword type is its curved blade designed for slashing and its 'stirrup' grip. It has it’s origin in Europe as long ago as the 15th century but it’s the form that originated in Austria and Hungary during the 16th and 17th centuries that we are most familiar with today. Known as the peasant sword it was introduced into the armies of France, Russia, Prussia and England in the 18th century. The cavalry who used it were known as the hussars and wore a uniform derived from the Hungarian national costume.

This British sabre came into use in 1796 and was so popular that it stayed in use until 1822 and was adopted by the Prussian cavalry during the Napoleonic wars and was used by United State Dragoons in 1812.

length of blade 572mm
Dean Castle
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