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The Bronze Age


Dagger, Lockerbie


The dagger consists of a flat copper alloy blade; three plug rivets that had been used to fix the hilt to the blade; fragments of a ribbed copper alloy hiltband (a decorative binding around the pommel) and traces of its horn hilt and animal hide sheath.

Radio-carbon dating of the sheath material indicates that it date to between 2140-1910BC. Comparison with other similar daggers and analysis of the metal content suggests that the dagger was made inEnglandorWales.

It was found in a burial pit, along with a barbed and tanged arrowhead. No human remains were identified in the acidic soil, but a layer of darker material towards the southern end of the pit may have been a 'body shadow'.

Dagger graves such as this are usually those of high-status males of a relatively advanced age.

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