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The Bronze Age


Flanged Chisel, Boreland

Bronze Age

Only six other chisels from this period have been found in Scotland. This one would have been used for light woodworking tasks, and was probably produced sometime between 1600 BC and 1200 BC.


Few Bronze Age archaeological sites exist, so metalwork like this has been studied intensively and has provided much of the information we have about the Bronze Age. It seems to have been a period when there was a warrior aristocracy who could afford fine metalwork such as daggers, rapiers and spearheads, torcs and bracelets as well as magnificent ceremonial vessels. This seem to contrast with the poverty of the peasant farmers who supported this wealthy class.


This is a Treasure Trove object, Purchased with the assistance of a grant from the National Fund for Acquisitions. 


Place of Discovery:
Millriggs Farm, Boreland
length: 102 mm overall width: 28 mm weight: 93.8 g
Dumfries Museum & Camera Obscura
Accession number:
Digital Number:
RCAHMS site record:
Millrigs Farm
Council for British Archaeology- "Discovery and Excavation - Scotland", Annual Publication. 1996, p29 COWIE, Trevor "A flanged bronze chisel from Millriggs Farm". NMS. 1995.

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