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The Roman Army

Spearheads, Birrens

Roman Period

Two spearheads found at Birrens Roman Fort. the first of these has a flat leaf shaped 6 inch long blade attached to a hollow circular shaft section. Found in the 1936/37 excavation, the blade is currently on loan from the Antiquarian Society. The shaft of the spear is fairly clear and unobstructed, however has subsequently been repaired with glue. There has been a great deal of surface corrosion with this object, and the tip has gone missing.


The second spearhead has a flat leaf shape with a short narrow, solid neck section with a shaft missing. Two central ridges are visible along the centre of one side. No detail remains on the reverse. There has been much surface erosion and it is composed of three fragments glued together.


Place of Discovery:
metal & iron
length: 167 mm width: 44 mm diameter (shaft): 18 mm
Dumfries Museum & Camera Obscura
Accession number:
Digital Number:
RCAHMS site record:
Birrens Roman Fort
CHRISTISON et al "Account of the Excavation of Birrens, A Roman Station in Annandale, undertaken by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in 1895". PSAS, Third Series, Volume 6, 1896, pp 81 = 199.