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The Roman Army

Rebuilt Jug, Birrens

Roman Period

Large ceramic jug. Reconstructed using grey coloured cement. Has spherical body and a short wide neck. Nipped in at the rim to create a pouring spout. Small flat base. Applied handle from body to rim has simple ridge decoration. Sherds have a coarse orange matrix and one fragment has a diamond cross-hatch detail.


Romans are recorded as preferring wine, thinking north European beer too weak and inferior. However, there is a record of a retired legionary from Germany setting up his own business to supply beer to local army garrisons.


height: 245 mm diameter (body): 155 mm diameter (base): 75 mm
Dumfries Museum & Camera Obscura
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Birrens Roman Fort
CHRISTISON et al "Account of the Excavation of Birrens, A Roman Station in Annandale, undertaken by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in 1895". PSAS, Third Series, Volume 6, 1896, pp 81 = 199.