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Kilmorie Cross

Early Medieval

The Kilmorie Cross' original location was said to be in the churchyard of St. Mary's Chapel (just over 2 miles South of Kirkcolm). It was later found in the grounds of Corsewall House, being used as a door lintel for the now ruined Kirkcolm Church. Since then, it has been relocated to the grounds of the present Ervie-Kirkcolm Church of Scotland, in Kirkcolm itself (Church Road). The Kilmorie Cross is a 9th or 10th century carved cross with both Christian and Viking inspired drawings, and is the only figurative cross known in the region.


On one side of the cross is carvings of writhing animals below an ornate cross. On the other, is an illustration of the crucifixion above a blacksmith holding a hammer and tongs beside two eagles. The blacksmith is thought to be Sigurd, a Scandinavian super hero or even the Viking god Thor! Either way, the carvings on the cross seem to illustrate the triumph of Christianity over Paganism